Yarn pack and Squares

Hello, We are nearing the end of the school holidays now, 1 week to go :-) I currently have a husband with a broken arm, 10 year old gaming fan who is glued to his gaming chair and 7 year old who has autism so that has meant we haven't done too much over the holidays.  My husband works from home so it has been quite hard balancing everything.  I think we are all ready to get back into school/work routine.

Wool to your door news - I created a new yarn pack this week that includes two of the new Stylecraft special DK colours.

This is a six ball yarn pack at £10.50 which means you are getting each ball for £1.75.  The colours are;

  • Parchment
  • Buttermilk
  • Pistachio
  • Lincoln
  • Cypress
  • Blush

I think the colours work really nicely together and hope to use them in my next project. This yarn pack is called Rose garden.

[easy-image-collage id=1724]

What am I working on? - Squares squares squares :-) I have a slightly crazy idea for a blanket, so far I have made 17 squares for the blanket but I need 22 more.  I am really enjoying it though and managing to fit some crocheting time even with the endless requests for food from the boys.  We are going through an alarming amount of crisps during the holidays!!

Stockton Squares in Pinks and Purples

I am using a crocheted square pattern from the Stockton Squares blanket pattern which is currently on sale (only £1.80).  Once I have finished the squares I am planning a deep border using lots of different greens.

Squares Squares Squares

Ali Crafts Designs SALE - There is currently a sale over at Ali Crafts designs, initially it was just for the Bank Holiday Weekend but we have decided to extend the sale until the 1st September 2017.  Why not grab yourself a bargain PDF download pattern...if you prefer printed patterns we sell them here at Wool to your door.

Louise's Blanket

Hope everyone has a great week.  Don't forgot to give us a follow on Instagram - the link is the right hand side bar or search for "wool to your door".


Louise x