Who we are

Hello, I thought I would do a little introduction of who we are at Wool to your door.  My name is Alison, I live in Teesside in the North East of England.  I have been interested in crafts for many years.  I have been teaching mainly crocheting for over 20 years but I have also taught tatting, embroidery, card making, bead weaving and lots more.

Designing crochet patterns is what I enjoy the most, which I currently sell on http://alicraftsdeisgns.co.uk website.  I also teach crochet classes and workshops from home.

I am married to Phil, who puts up with me ordering lots of wool and then taking over the house with wool everywhere.  We both love travel and photography.

I have two daughters, Sarah and Louise. Louise has two boys and is a stay at home Mam, so she helps me out with Wool to your door in her spare time.  She does most of the website technical stuff and social media posts.  She enjoys crocheting as well.

Around January 2016 we decided to start selling wool online, mostly just Stylecraft yarns at first but now we are looking to sell other wools and yarns.

Some examples of my designs and the wool we sell...

Mixture of designs and wool