What does WIP mean?

The crocheting and knitting world seems full of abbreviations and acronyms,  WIPs, FOs, dpns, SSK and many many more. For beginners this must get very confusing.  Patterns use abbreviations to make patterns easier to read and write. To make things a little more confusing crochet patterns can use either U.S. crochet terminology and UK terminology. It is very  important to check which terminology a pattern is written in before you begin, we always use UK terminology in our patterns. People often ask what does WIP mean?  WIP is what people call a work in progress.  Some crafters like to have a lot of ongoing projects but others prefer to only have a few.  I tend to only have a few..

  • Chill out project (something I don't have to think too much about, mostly following a pattern or learning a new technique)
  • A designing project
  • Pattern testing project

But this is the current situation.....I have too many WIPs at the moment so I thought I would post about them and that might motivate me to make some progress on them.

I don't have much storage space in my house so I tend to have a corner filled with project bags but currently I have so many it is getting very messy and out of control.

Very messy project bags

My Current WIPs

Hermione Every Day Socks I love this project and managed to get most of the first sock really quickly but then got to shaping for the toe and just stopped. Lovely yarn from Little French Meadow and using the Hermione everyday sock pattern.  Storing this project in my Small project bag made using Caron cake oddments.


Florence Elizabeth: Ready for bed I am currently pattern testing another outfit for our Florence Elizabeth doll.  This pattern also includes a doll sized pillow and blanket.


Wool and the gang Kinda Magic socks  This wool is so lovely but this WIP is on hold because I just can't get the pattern to appear correctly.  My socks are looking stripy but should be spotty.  I have tried 3 times using 3 different sizes of needles to try and get my tension right so having a little break from them.

Knitted pig I enjoy making toys, my youngest son always likes playing with them.  This is a wonderful pattern from the Dovestone Smallholding Pattern Book .  I thought this would be a fun project to learn colour work, as you can see I tend to knit the colour work section a little too tight.  This project is on hold until I can get some size 4.00 dpns :-)  

I will keep you posted on my progress, how many WIPs do you currently have?