Weekend Fun

Hello I have not had a really productive week this week. On Thursday evening Phil and I went with our friends to a hotel near Leeds Bradford Airport to fly to Bratislava early on Friday morning.

We landed about 9.30 to fog and snow !!!!! and I don't like snow. This is a picture of a very misty Danube.

Our hotel was lovely, the staff were wonderful and it was fairly near the old town, Castle and UFO !!!!  more about that later.


I found this lovely shop on the first morning with the traditional embroidery of Slovakia and some crochet..... unfortunately it was not open at all over the weekend, I went back to look again before we left on Monday.

Now back to UFO...

This is a restaurant and viewing tower built on a bridge over the river.

Obviously they are expecting more than one to land.

Here it is, it was most peculiar going up in the lift because it went up the sloping leg on an angle, I have no idea how that works.

And the view from the top.

The view was amazing on the evening when we went back for a meal, the meal was lovely and the lights over the town fabulous although when we sat down the  mist was so thick we could not even see the Castle.

Sorry about the picture the reflection from the sloping glass made it very difficult to get a good one, Phil went up to the viewing platform so I will post more pictures next week. As we were leaving the waiter brought 4 little bags each containing a breakfast muffin.


Finally super hot chocolate with expresso and ice cream, The Blue Church and the steps going up to the Castle, unfortunately the steps were closed while we were there.

Happy Days

Alison xxxx