Summer holidays and stitch markers

Hello, Summer holidays We are now into the first week of the six weeks holidays here. The last week of term was really busy and on Friday we went to George's Year 6 leavers assembly. It was so lovely but very emotional.  I can't believe he will be starting secondary school in September.

The holidays can be tricky for us and going for days out isn't always possible Oliver finds the summer hard.  Due to his autism he doesn't like crowds or going new places plus he is currently frigthened of butterflies and bugs so isn't even playing in the garden very often.  This year he has made massive progress with his speech and interactions.  He loves routine so I am writing out a plan of the week so he knows what are doing each day.

New stitch markers Mam has been busy making stitch markers over the past week, we thought they would be good to have to sell at the British Wool Show in August but we have also listed them in the online shop.

Lots of lovely sets available here.

Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers

Mini flowers The weather has been so hot over the past few days Mam has been making some lovely mini crocheted flowers using some oddments of crochet cotton.


I am hoping to still get some crafting time over the holidays, I am currently making my first ever knitted cardigan which I am really enjoying but it is in aran and its rather warm working on it :-)

Louise x