Summer Catch up!!!

Good Morning Weather Report A bright start to the day but a little frosty early on.

Hello it is Ali again at last,

I don't know what has been wrong with me over the last few months it has felt like I had lost my crochet skills nothing seemed to work and we were busy dying yarns and wool winding I think that I had to switch off my crochet brain and it was hard to start it up again... sometimes when things are not selling I get a feeling that I am not good enough and its is not worth all the effort. I also felt that I had not been very productive over the summer. Until I started to think this morning (you can hear the wheels and cogs turning) when I have looked at some of the things that I have finished and started and nearly finished since Christmas I have worked on quite a lot.

See below for some of them.

We spent most of the summer preparing for the British Wool Show, Louise and I had a fabulous time there and would have liked to have spent money on all the other stands.

We dyed new yarns and made stitch markers as well as having new designs ready.

All my work over the last few months

First of all I think we have gone over to the dark side and started knitting, Louise is loving it I really think that she is following in the footsteps of her Gran who was always knitting and it skipped my generation I can knit but find it too slow for me...

I have Finished my first Knitting pattern though....


Worked on a Strawberry blanket for Crochet Now magazine


Designed a sheep for Jayne at Home Farm Wensleydales

Wendy Sheep

Wendy Sheep

I tested Louise's knitted sock pattern


I finished the four knitted bracelets from The Knitting Gift shop this was a Christmas Present


Finished Louises crochet part work blanket


Designed 3 new scarves


Crochet some towel toppers to send to a super place we stayed at when we were in Scotland in May

Remade a doll from back when I started to design, the patterns then were written differently


We have just been away for a few days to Majorca and had a super time so here I am back in focus I hope and looking forward to sharing more with you during the next few weeks.


This little fellow came to join us by our sun-bed Phil thought that it had landed on his head first.

This is just a few things finished and in progress more to follow soon

Very Happy Days at the moment

Ali xxx