Snow again

Good Morning, Weather report Another snowy start to this morning I really hope that it clears soon, we have had a very cold windy week here in the North East. Would you believe it the window cleaner has just been :}

No Blog I am sorry there was not a blog last week Phil and I had a day out to Whitby and Scarborough. We parked at the top near the Abbey and walked down to get a coffee from our favourite cafe to find it closed. Shame on you Harrys Bar we needed lunch as well. It was blowing a bitterly cold wind but we still managed a walk along the pier. Phil took pictures and I huddled behind the lighthouse to shelter from the cold. Then we drove on to Scarborough where it was blowing even more, I stayed in the car crocheting while the intrepid photographer went to take pictures of the rough sea.

News I have finished our exciting news project and tested a doll that has been in the pipeline for some time, so I am having a little crochet break and trying to complete the knitted squares that I started years ago

Knitting socks I only like knitting small projects, Louise and I were wondering if we should start designing knitted items, she has been trying out knitted socks and really enjoyed making her first sock.... I had bought her some wool for Christmas so she made one using some oddments we had left to see if she could make one before she started using the good yarn to make a pair.

Books For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know I love to buy books All kinds of craft books I have cupboards and boxes full of books. I have so many I now only buy Stitch books rather than ones with patterns, in the hope that it will inspire me to try new stitches, I find myself writing patterns that only contain the basic stitches just so that I know that everyone will be able to make them. I thought I would share one of the pattern books that I have on the shelf It is, Knit and Crochet 50 Accessories Published by Collins and Brown

As the title gives it away there are 50 patterns here, I am a little upset to have to say I think that the crochet patterns are only a token gesture, there are lots more knitting patterns than crochet. It is a super little book though with lots of lovely patterns. I really like some of the sock patterns and may try them myself on day. Louise has expressed a wish to try more fair isle knitting and this book has a lot of patterns using fair isle. There are lots of mittens, hats and socks in this book so we may have to give some a go. That is when we are not so tied up with our designs.

Right must get on with the rest of todays list of jobs, tidy up clear out the cupboard of doom under the stairs, it seems to be overflowing at the moment and hoover up the little black sock bits, I don't know where they all come from.......

Hope you are getting lots of crochet done Ali and Louise xx