Seaham, fire alarms and stones

Hi its Ali today, Sorry to have been so long in writing a blog, it is a good job I have Louise to keep things going. I have had a spell where I could not think of anything practical to say, I really don't know what has been wrong with me.

Monday trip out

Phil was going to visit a site to do an inspection and I went with him. It was a beautiful day, we  went to the docks. This was eventful as the fire alarm went off while I was sitting in the car!!!! After Phil finally returned we went to Seaham, walked along the front and had a very late lunch in a cafe. Someone had added a pile of stones on the wall and I can't resist trying to add another and got caught on camera.



I think I have been trying to finish the Bedtime outfit for Florence Elizabeth and thinking of another commission at the same time. At last the crochet head seems to be a little better, Florences outfit is being tested and the commission is almost done. I have been teaching a lot of workshops over the last couple of months and that also keeps me very busy. Where do the weeks go I can't believe that it is almost April, it seems like Christmas was only a few weeks ago. Now that Easter is almost here I am going to have a couple of weeks where there are no workshops or classes organised. Time to get the books up to date and stocktaking started. Finish typing up patterns and clear out the cupboard of doom under the stairs yet again.

New plans

Louise is also a slave driver she comes up with new ideas every week I don't have the time to put them all into operation before she has another one, there was another one this morning, I think I will give it a go later today, if I can find some oddments to start it with.


Well enough with the putting off doing some work, I must go and pick up my hooks and get some crocheting done.

Keep warm and happy

Ali xx