Preparing for Spring - Seasonal Crochet Patterns and Yarn

Hello, Preparing for Spring - Seasonal Crochet Patterns and Yarn Spring is one of my favourite seasons, hopefully the weather will start to get warmer and the nights get lighter.

Over the years we have designed a lot of patterns which are ideal for the Springtime, so I thought I would put them together into one blog post to make them easier to find. We also have some beautiful Stylecraft Special DK yarn packs in Spring like colours.

Anna Seasons Doll - Spring

Anna Seasons Doll

Anna is a really fun doll to crochet.  The pattern comes with instructions for the doll plus a doll bag and a larger bag.  In the sample doll we used Stylecraft Special DK but she could be made in any DK yarn.

The four seasons doll are now also available in a four pattern bundle for the sale price £10.00.

Brighton BlanketThe colours in this blanket give it a fresh spring like feel. It was made using Stylecraft special DK in Apricot, Shrimp, Duck Egg, Aspen, Lemon and Cream. The blanket has a great texture and would be suitable for beginners.

Brighton Blanket

Rachael Rabbit

Rachel Rabbit

Daffodil Doll - I love buying myself the first bunch of daffodils of the season and putting them on my kitchen window sill. So bright and cheery especially when the sun shines through the window into the kitchen.



Bridesmaid Posy Bag 

Bridesmaids Posy Bag

Cress, Carrot and Lettuce 

Cress, Carrot and Lettuce

Holiday Handbag 

Holiday Handbag

Springtime in Paris - I love this blanket, Mam designed and blogged about the design process which was inspired by a photograph taken in Paris. You can read the original blog post.

Springtime in Paris


Happy crocheting, let us know what you are planning to make for the spring.

Louise and Ali x