Louise’s April Blog – Day 8 and 9 – Lazy Sunday and knitting progress


I forgot to blog yesterday. Once Oliver went to bed I got engrossed in my knitting and watching The Crown :-)

We have had an early start to Monday, 5.15am but once Oliver thinks it is morning it is time to get up and start the day.  He generally sleeps well so I can't really complain, a lot of children with autism really struggle with sleep.

It is now the second week of the Easter holidays.  We have not done much so far this holiday for a number of reasons, the weather has not been very good and we don't tend to go many indoor places as they are too busy for Oliver in the holidays.

Cardigan progress

So far progress is going well.  I am struggling a little with Intarsia colour work, it is looking a bit holey in places plus at some points I had 5 balls of yarn getting in a very big tangle.  The pattern suggested a mohair yarn which I think would look better but I didn't think I would enjoy wearing mohair plus it would be much harder to pull out if I went wrong.



I have also managed to do a bit of pattern testing on a new scrappy blanket we will be releasing soon..

Louise x