Louise’s April Blog – Day 5 - Adventures in garment knitting

Hello, Finally, we have had some bright and sunny weather today although I didn't really get to enjoy it very much.  I spent most of the morning doing the house work, it is a constant task in the school holidays.  Oliver seems to be struggling with the school holiday, he doesn't like routine change and we have had a few challenging evenings.

I have finished knitting the plum pudding pig from the beautiful book, Dovestone Smallholding by Ella Austin. I just need to sew all the pieces together which is really not my favourite task. It has been a lovely project and I have learnt a lot of new knitting techniques.

Dovestone Smallholding

As I have finished two projects this week I thought it was time to start a new one :-) I am going to attempt to make a cardigan! I am going to try and make this fun cardigan, iheartCardi by Amanda Kaffka I will keep you posted with my progress.

Louise x