Louise’s April Blog – Day 23 - House tidy and one finished sock

Hello, I did my weekly Monday morning big house tidy this morning.  Oliver spends most of the weekend drawing, arranging things and making a big mess.  I also managed to get two loads of washing done plus lots of tea preparation.  Since Oliver got home he has messed up his bedroom already :-)

Opal Yarns We sell a wide range of Opal yarns and today Mam listed all the new solid colours we stock.  Opal Uni is a 4 ply sock yarn made from 75% Wool and 25% polyamide.  They are available in 100g balls at £6.30.

Opal Sock yarn

One finished sock I managed to finished knitting the Rose City Rollers socks.  I had a little problem with the toe not because of the pattern, but because I had to save a lot of stitches when they fell off my needles.  The pattern is excellent and made turning the heel very clear.  I also used a smaller stitch count than my previous socks, cast on 56 on 2.25mm dpns.

Rose City Rollers

Sorry it is not the best lighting in the photograph. Main yarn : Little French Meadow in Floo powder, Pink Yarn: Cascade Heritage in Tutu (I think it is the colour)

Thanks for reading,

Louise x