Louise’s April Blog – Day 21 & 22 - Day off

April Blog Day 21 & 22Hello, I had a lovely day off yesterday, no Instagram, blogging or checking Facebook.  It is amazing how much time can be spent on social media so I really enjoyed a no phone and computer day.

So what did I do...I went on a knitting workshop with Mam and her friend Joanne.  We went to Woolaballoo in Langley Park, Durham (If you are ever passing the area do pop in and see Lucy and her wonderful shop).  We all had an amazing day learning how to knit a Moebius Scarf.  Such a great knitting technique which Lucy talked us through and we all made a lot of progress during the day.

Moebius Scarf progress We made the scarf using an Aran weight yarn, I chose WYS Blue Faced Leicester DK Prints in the Blue Tit  colourway (although my husband says it reminds him of the Minions).

The Moebius scarf has a wonderfully different cast on. It is like magic.  Once I got started I really couldn't stop knitting it and managed to finish the scarf lunch time today.

Mam also got her scarf finished today using another lovely colour way.

What I bought I love buying and trying different yarns I have been wanting to try a Zauberball for a while so I chose these two lovely and very different colours.

Sanduhr 4ply

Frische Fische 4ply

I also bought a 30cm 2.5mm fixed circular needle to try for my next pair of socks.

Hope you have had a good weekend,

Louise x