Louise's April Blog - Day 2 - 5 uses and pattern ideas for sock yarn

April Blog Day 2 Hello,

Easter Monday Rain rain rain, the weather has not been very good at all today so we have had a lovely day in the house. I had a lot of house work to do and time for some sock knitting.

5 uses and pattern ideas for sock yarn Sock yarn generally is a wool and nylon blend (There is more and more different blends becoming available ) the nylon gives the yarn a lovely stretchy quality when it is knitted or crocheted.  This means it is ideal for making socks as the cuff of the sock has enough stretch to go over your foot without making the sock too baggy.  Sock yarn comes in different weights so you can make fine socks or chunky bed socks.  4ply sock yarn like Stylecraft's Head over Heels and Opal's colourful sock yarns both knit into a lovely dense fabric.

Sock yarn is also more durable and harder wearing. You don't want to spend time making socks for them to get holes in them the first time you wear them.  The choice of yarn will depend on the type of sock you are wanting to make.

Sock yarns are great fun, there are so many different options to choose from. Self striping, self patterning, sparkly and much more.

  • Making socks :-) 
  • Hats, gloves and mittens - Wrist warmers These wrist warmers are made using 4 ply sock yarn, again this makes them stretchy and hardwearing.  Our pattern for these mittens can be found here.
  • Scarfs and shawls -We have a number of different scarf and shawl patterns that would look great and drape well made using sock yarn.Jessica shawl Sarah scarfSarah Scarf - Crochet pattern This is a very versatile scarf which can be worn in a number of ways. I have made it in many different yarns and it would great in sock yarn.
  • Bags - Holiday handbag This a lovely textured bag pattern.  A patterned or stripy sock yarn would look very effective.  It would make a slightly smaller bag than this DK version but could make a great small project bag.Holiday Handbag
  • Blankets - When you finish making a pair of socks you often have left over oddments which can be used to make fabulous scrappy blankets.  Cozy memories blanket is a very popular blanket. I am keen to start one when I have more left over sock yarn.Ali and I have both this fabulous little doll blanket using Opal sock yarn
  • Higgledy piggledy blanket pattern would be a great way to use up oddments of 4 ply.

    Higgledy Piggledy Blanket

    Happy crafting,

    Louise x