Louise’s April Blog – Day 16 - Back to school

April Blog Day 16Hello, Back to school Poor Oliver looked shell shocked when we told him it was school today.  He did very well getting ready and I even managed to get him to wear a new coat.  He has been wearing the same winter coat for about 2 years now and has refused wear anything else.  Change is very difficult for him and he can get so distressed but this morning I just put the coat on him and he was fine.  He did try looking for the old coat but I think that will be making its way to the bin.

Back garden dye studio :-) I went round to Mam's house this morning and as the weather forecast looked good we thought we would starting dyeing some of the undyed DK yarn we have recently ordered.   We currently have some natural dyed yarns in the shop but today we started using acid dyes.

Dye pots in the garden

Pre soaking

Bubble bubble

Then it started to rain I was taking some new photographs of Carlton Blanket.  I like to retake and update photographs of projects to keep the shop listings looking fresh plus I have upgraded my iPhone and it takes much better photographs than my old phone.

Carlton Blanket

Thanks for reading,

Louise and Ali x