Louise’s April Blog – Day 11 – Scrappy blanket

Hello, Another dark gloomy day with a bit more rain.  Oliver enjoys the rain and likes to play out in the garden.  Over this week the garden has become a giant mud pit due to all the rain we have had.  George has come home after staying with Mam and Dad for days.

Pattern testing I have finished testing a new pattern for a scrappy blanket.  I can't wait for us to release the pattern next week. I don't have a massive amount of 4ply scraps or minis in my yarn stash so it is good excuse to buy new yarns :-)

Oddment of opal sock yarn

What I was making this time last year Last year I made our Louise's blanket crochet pattern, I really loved making this blanket and it was the blanket that really got me back into crochet . The finished blanket is very bright and cheerful.  The pattern makes a blanket which doesn't have holes in it making it very warm and cosy.


Stylecraft yarn pack

Stylecraft Special DK has so many colour choices you can create such wonderful colour palettes.

Yarn pack available for Louise's blanket

The finished blanket...

Now time for a bit of knitting,

Louise x