It is all about the bags

Good Morning Lovely spring day today, bright and sunny, daffodils out in the garden......  Hope this is a sign winter is over.

Last week I had interest from some of you about the bag I made for my Grandsons Stickman.

The pattern is now available click the link below. It has not been tested properly so please let me know if you have any problems.





Crochet Bag




I thought that this morning I would show you some of my favourite patterns. I love buying bags and making bags. I have a cupboard full of bags, mostly with WIPs ( work in progress) inside, with some people it is shoes with me it is bags !!!!

Over the years I have bought hundreds and made many more. I must have cleared at least 20 proper handbags from the loft last week to send to  my friend who needed them for a charity.

My 2 favourite bags that I have designed are Holiday Handbag and Flora Bag.









Holiday Handbag                                            Flora Bag


I also love sewing bags and have a drawer full of kits ready to be made up.








Some of the sewn bags










I also have 4 crochet doll patterns which each have a child size bag and a doll sized bag

They are from a collection called Seasons dolls

Spring/ Anna , Summer/ Blossom , Autumn/ Marigold and Winter/ Persephone









Happy days

I love sunshine and crocheting

Ali xxx