Holiday, Cushion and Wool on sale

Good morning, Weather Report

It looks a bit brighter now, we had a misty start to the day.

Last week 

Sorry we had no blog I was away in Italy. We stayed near San Gimignano, a town in Tuscany southwest of Florence.  It is a lovely hill town with narrow streets and lots of visitors.

Lots of sight seeing and we also went on a bus trip which included a taste of Tuscany lunch and wine.



I tried to make lots of things while we were away, I only managed a few bits and bobs, the problem was fitting all the wool and cotton I wanted to take as well as clothes. The airlines don't give enough weight for me.



Purple doll


Purple Doll

Yarn Sale

We are having a silly sale on Wool to your door this week trying to clear out all of the older yarn colours so that we can buy lots more.

Please pop over and have a look in the final clearance section....

Stylecraft Merry go round


Thanks for visiting, let me know what you are working on at the moment.

Ali and Louise,


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