Higgledy Piggledy Blanket - Retro Colours

Hello, It has been a busy week at Wool to your door, we both have lots of projects on at the moment. I have managed to finish two blankets. These have been really relaxing to make and something I could pick up easily in between the housework, looking after the boys and husband with a broken arm :-)

Bright Blanket

Louise's Blanket

Louise's Blanket

My next task was to choose a new project.  I want to make a blanket which will match my living room, it is a very neutral room with lots of browns, yellow and copper colours.  One cushion has lots of blues, greens and golds in so I am also adding these in to make the blanket more colourful to add more interest into the room.

I started by looking through the bag of oddments and found a few suitable colours.   With this blanket I wanted to use some of the Stylecraft Special DK colours which I have never used before such as the 3 new colours, plus tomato and storm blue.

Higgledy Piggledy Blanket is made up of 6 panels, each panel using a different stitch pattern or squares which will help me learn new techniques.

Inspiration from our living room...

These are the colours I have picked and I am loving them...these are available as a yarn pack for £28

Blanket colours

Blanket colours

I will keep you updated with my progress, currently darning in lots of ends :-)

Louise x