Gloomy days and knitting progress

Hello Weather report Yet another dismal day here in Stockton on Tees, we have had quite a few this week and have not been able to take any good pictures of works in progress.

We need good light to make good pictures.

Feature Image Todays feature image was one that Phil took before Christmas when we went to The Lakes.  This photograph will certainly be used for future crochet projects.

Christmas Cactus My Christmas Cacti this year was covered in flowers and this is one of the pictures Phil took.

Walk in the frost

On Monday Louise, Phil and I went to Hardwick Park for a walk, it was quite frosty and we took some frosty pictures. It was lovely to be out for a change I have not been out for a while, no real reason that was just how things worked out. Phil was working when I could go and I was busy when he could go. Hopefully we are back to normal now and will be able to do things together.


News Update The new doll pattern is ready to go to be tested, all typed up and only needs pictures. Still waiting for a better day with some sunshine.....

I have finally finished the patterns I have been working on for Homefarm Wensleydales and they are just being checked, so another job will be completed soon.


Knitting I have finished the knitted card holder kit that I received for Christmas.

I am still trying to catch up on the knitted squares, I still have a few to go. The next set will be here any day so there will be 8 more squares to knit and I need  to  make 2 of each, sooo I will still have many more to catch up with again. My friend Joanne has almost finished her last set, I know its not a competition but I like to keep up..

Knitted squares

Knitted squares

Crochet I don't have any crochet on at the moment, that is not like me I know, I am waiting for some new yarn to arrive to start the next project.

We all hope that you are all well

Carry on crocheting

Ali, Louise and Phil xx