Frozen North and woolly socks

Hello, Weather report

Well the big freeze arrived yesterday, we have not had so much snow for years.

Phil and I walked to the post office yesterday to send a parcel only to get another order later in the afternoon.

The roads had cleared a bit so we got the car out for the second one.  I was really pleased that I managed to walk so far in the snow.


CHSI Stitches

Phil, Louise and I went to the trade show at the NEC, in Birmingham, we wanted to see where we could buy yet more yarns for the online shop.

We had a great time and ordered lots of lovely new yarns, some are already in the shop. Lots of Opal sock yarn and Stylecraft Bambino, I am waiting for another parcel today.

Some plain sock yarn and some with a bit of bling.

Style 9541

Louise has been very busy changing the website and I have been adding all the crochet patterns to Wool to your door so that they can now be downloaded straight from there.

That is why I am late with the blog, lots of actual work this week paying bills and adding stock and bringing things up to date.

Day out

Phil and I also had a run out last week to see the snowdrops at Thorpe Perrow, it was a lovely bright day and there were plenty of snowdrops out.



I am still working on some bedtime clothes for Florence Elizabeth, Nightdress and mules are done just going to add a cuddly and maybe a hot water bottle!!!

I have also been sewing together the knitted squares that I finished ages ago so that blanket will be finished soon I hope.

Louise has been knitting lots of socks, we are still waiting for her to finish a pair, mine is still only half a sock so she has progressed much more than I have, it is fun though, you should give it a go sometime.

Right it is almost lunchtime, some lunch now and more sewing up this afternoon. I am determined to get this one all finished this week.

Keep safe and warm

Ali and Louise xxx