Early start and sparkle sock knitting

Hello, Louise here writing an update today. My day started early at 5.30am so I thought I might as well get up and do half an hour of yoga before the rest of the family woke up.  Once the boys were at school I started to do an epic house tidy, Oliver had an unsettled evening and made a lot of mess.  I am slowly starting to remove toys out of his room without him noticing.  This could be tricky as he seems to remember every toy we have every owned :-)  I needed to pop to the shops to buy George some items for his secondary school transition days, he is looking forward to them but I am feeling a bit nervous.

Project wise I have not done much today, I did cast on a new sock last night using one of our own mini skeins of yarn.  The yarn is so lovely to knit with, very squishy with a great glittery sparkle.


I didn't see Mam today which is pretty unusual but we are always texting each other with WIP progress, shop ideas or me asking Mam for help with something crafty related.  She has just sent a message say she has been busy winding wool for most of the day.


Hopefully I will get some knitting done tonight while cheering on England in their World Cup match.

Louise x