Christmas, New hooks and Books

Good morning Merry Christmas

Christmas squirrel

Picture taken last week in the Lakes


Weather Report

Not so good this morning, it is raining now and we had a scattering of snow earlier, let us hope that it gets brighter later.


Christmas and Birthday

Sorry I have not done a blog, its been hectic we had no internet for two days and one day when it was intermittent, I hope that it stays on long enough to finish the blog today... come on Sir Richard please get it sorted out..

George had mostly new PS4 games for Christmas and the internet was off... you can imagine the problems we had. It really is a good job his Daddy knew how to work things through his phone or it would have been a disastrous  Christmas.

I have had another birthday I think I need to start counting backwards now that the numbers are getting higher.

We have all been very lucky again this year I have lots of super presents. crochet books and hooks. My favourite hooks are now in pink...

Pandora necklace and earrings.

Nomination link for my bracelet with scissors on. And some kits from Wool and the Gang and Knitting Gift shop ..... Oops



We hope to get back to normal next week.


Alison and Louise xxx