Busy Time

Good Morning oops Good Afternoon, I almost forgot that it is Tuesday.

I have been busy this week continuing setting up a new shop for my patterns and have nearly finished adding all the products, it does take such a long time. Still have some of my older patterns to alter from the old computer in publisher to new Pages on the Mac. Lots of work goes on behind closed doors...  everything needs altering........ crocheting needs to be finished.

All of the Parts to the CAL 2016 are in the shop,  all on one page CAL 2016

I don't know how you feel about computers but I find that I can only work all morning sitting at mine, then need a break in the afternoons, crocheting, typing on my laptop or taking photographs.

So much to do and so little time I don't know how it seems to go so fast these days, are our hours getting shorter?


I have just brought a bag containing samples down from the loft. What a variety of things I have done over the years...



I received a box of yarn that I ordered to work the new  Scheepjes CAL 2017 - Hygge  it looks fabulous I can't wait to start, it is due to start on the 15th February


They are such lovely colours, so you see I am not only addicted to working my own designs I love to work other designers patterns as well....

Happy Days

Alison xx