Blogmas Day 8 - Christmas twine gift tags

Wow, we are a week into December already.  Time to start getting a bit more organised, I am very good at starting Christmas shopping but then seem to come to a halt.  Then the week before Christmas tend to go into a massive panic. I bought some blank luggage tags from Hobbycraft which I thought would be nice to decorate for Christmas gift tags this year.

I also purchased Dill and mint twine in this lovely red and white colour way to use for the gift tag strings.  Then I had an idea to use this twine and crochet a motif for the tags.

Mini Christmas Motif 

Hook 3 mm

Row 1: Ch 5., ss., into the first chain to make a loop.

Row 2: *Ch 3., ss into the loop* repeat 5 times. You should have 5 points.

I kept the ends long. Blobbed some glue on the back of the motif and then tied ends around the card and with a double knot. Then trimmed the ends a little.










Have a lovely weekend,

Louise and Ali