Blogmas Day 5 - Rather unproductive day

Hello, Most of my morning today was spent tidying my son's bedroom, it was very very messy.  He has far too many toys in there really and spends ages arranging things which means it gets messy very quickly.  No doubt I will need to tidy it again tomorrow. (He has just tipped something out of box and said "oh no").

Crocheting wise I have not done much at all as my other Son is still off school poorly. I did make one more Christmas tree and started another yoga sock.

Christmas Trees Christmas Trees

Yoga socks

What part of crocheting do you struggle with? Comment down below.  For me, I seem to really struggle with counting stitches and knowing what is a stitch or slip stitch. I am alway asking Mam (Ali Crafts) to check my stitch count.  Speaking of Mam, I spent the afternoon updating her website, I just felt it needed a refresh.  We have had that design for a year now and I felt like a change.

Free Pattern We have added another free pattern to the site Grape Granny Square. Hope you enjoy it.

Grape Granny Square

Louise x