Blogmas Day 20 - Not much progress

Hello, I always start the day by writing a to do list while having my coffee. I used to do this in my lovely bullet journal until Oliver got hold of it and drew pictures from the Room on the broom book on every page.  Next year I am really going to try and use my bullet journal more effectively, finding a safer place to keep it away from little hands will be a good start.

Todays's to do list was very long so since Oliver is back to school I thought I would get on with housework first.  Why is there always so much to do?  Then I had a few phone calls and emails to send.

I am still not sure about the blanket for my other Son George.  The size is better but I am not enjoying working on such small squares. I think I will have a break from it and work on my cross stitch tonight and wait for some inspiration.

Blanket version 3

When crocheting goes wrong time to get out the cross stitch...

5 days to go,

Louise x