Blogmas Day 10 - Snow, trees and gift tags

Hello, This morning we had a tiny bit of snow here in Stockton, we didn't have any plans today so we had a cozy house day.  Washing and ironing was the first task of the day.

New plant

I have crocheted some more Christmas trees and gift tags plus onto the second yoga sock.  I have a few little projects on at the moment but started to think about my next big project.  I am really tempted to try and make a garment, like a big chunky cardigan.

Lovely pile of Christmas colours

Another one of my hobbies is doing jigsaws on an evening once the boys have gone to bed, for some reason this one seems to be taking us ages. Very pleased we got the sky done tonight.

Tricky jigsaw

We have had some more snow this evening, hoping there won't be anymore overnight.

Happy crocheting,

Louise x