Blogmas Days 14 and 15 - Snowmen

Hello, Yesterday was another busy day, I went to have my hair cut in the morning then did some work in the afternoon.  My husband and eldest son went to see the new Star Wars film after school.  I didn't get time to write a blog as Oliver (youngest son) was very demanding last night and was up very late.

Testing snowman pattern Today I have been to get my nails ready for Christmas.  I have also tested Mam's latest pattern for a Snowman which covers a Lindt Lindor chocolate.

Pattern can be found here

This were made by Mam...

This is my little snowman with the green scarf below,  I decided to stuff him completely so the boys can play with it, so far he has been swished and thrown about :-) I love crocheting but really don't enjoy sewing toys together and doing faces is very tricky. I think he is looking  a bit grumpy.


Have a good weekend. I really can not believe it is Christmas next weekend!

Monday will be a wrapping presents day,

Louise and Ali x