Blog, Busman's Holiday and Charts

Good Morning,  

Weather report

It is very cold this morning



I am sorry the blog is a little late this week I have been on a mission to get new designs typed up and ready for testing. I could not think past getting them finished.

new dolls


I have had a busy week, I had a new gas fire fitted and a new radiator in the bedroom on Monday unfortunately the men had problems and what should have been an easy job turned into an all day job.

They arrived before 9.00am and did not go until after 5.30pm. We always seem to have extra added to the bill because something else goes wrong, when we have work done.

Is it because the house is over 30 years old or a sign of the times that things are never built to last these days.

We have also had our Grandson George stopping overnight he is no bother as long as we feed him......


Nec Birmingham

I spend most of Monday getting ready for the show in November, printing out new catalogue pictures and laminating them. Nearly caught up with the new patterns there were a lot of designs that needed doing because we missed 2 shows. Not long to go now, Louise and I are looking forward to going.



A day trip going on a busman's holiday.....

I took Louise to Woolaballoo at Langley Park on Saturday for a workshop making the Virus Shawl and how to follow a chart.

Following a chart is one of my favourite things it shows what you are making should look like.

Most charts now use International symbols and it makes it easier to follow a pattern that is not written in UK or USA or whatever language you use and follow.

We used Stylecraft Head over Heels sock yarn I worked mine on a 4.00 hook and Louise used 3.50 hook

We had a super day we were made very welcome and were working with a lovely group of ladies, thank you Lucy we really enjoyed the day.

I have just finished the first ball of yarn so this is my progress so far.


Virus Shawl


This is why when I go on holiday I try to find a shop which sells magazines

In Italy I found one...


Crochet Magazine from Italy



Charts are very easy to follow why not give it a go yourself.


Well I must get on the window cleaner is here.. What a week so far.. busy class tonight and Phil is off tomorrow and Friday, I am teaching another workshop on Friday as well...

Hope you are all keeping warm and well

Ali and Louise xxx