Bags, Muddles and Snow

Good Morning Weather Report

Oh well the snow arrived and is still here, it was treacherous yesterday as it had melted and then froze solidly on all the side roads and pavements.

I took my Grandson to school yesterday and all the paths to school were dangerous, like a skating rink. I really don't understand why we can't clear our paths when the snow is soft.

I hope that we get some more sun today to clear it away.



My secret project is coming along nicely, over 100 squares done already not too many to go, then blocking and joining together, then border... I do hope to have it finished in 2 weeks time.


New doll

I had finished a new doll pattern and seem to have had some sort of muddled mind when I typed it up, I have made lots of errors, not like me haha. I will have to crochet it again myself to see where I have gone wrong.

So sorry that it will be a while before she will be ready.


Bag Pattern

Louise is testing a new bag pattern so we hope to have that ready soon.



We do have quite a few bag patterns available

Eliza Bag

Eliza bag is super easy

Holiday Handbag

Holiday Handbag is more complicated

Flora bag is another fairly simple one

Now talking of flowers

Flower Frenzy has been our most popular pattern of all time

It has patterns for 13 crochet flowers

Not many people realise though that we have another 2 flower frenzy patterns

Check out the others in assorted patterns


We hope you all have a good crochet week

Ali and Louise xx