Back to school....

Hello, I have made it to the end of the school holidays :-) It has gone quickly but has had its challenges.  I have managed to do some crocheting.  Housework has been the priority this week, we are working on a much needed garage sort out and tidy up.  I am looking forward to spending some days with Ali Crafts next week to do some planning for the blogs and our next projects.

Many Many Green Squares - Crochet wise I am still crocheting the green squares, about 7 left to go but it is taking me along time.  I can't wait to start joining them together.


Flower Frenzy

Flower Frenzy - I thought I would have a little change from the green squares so I decided to try and crochet some flowers using Stylecraft Candy Swirls.  I am using this pattern, Flower Frenzy.  I am not sure what I will make with them but I thought it would be great crocheting practice.

Merry Christmas Tree Kits - We are feeling a bit festive at Wool to your door :-) We have a small number of mini yarn kits to make your own Christmas cards, these include pattern, card, envelope, yarn and a button for £3.50.  These would make super teacher thank you cards.

Christmas card

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

Louise x