Apples, designs and panic

Good morning Weather Report

I hope everyone had a good night, we had a very blustery night, the tail end of a tropical storm, we were lucky it was the end of the storm and just had wind making the doors and windows squeal.



I am sorry for the lack of blogs lately, I am in a panic about the show at the NEC in November and have lots of patterns to finish and tons of printing, bagging and pricing to do.

The printer has been working already today from 6am.

Louise and I have tick lists everywhere with jobs to do and jobs worked on and jobs done.

So my days have been pretty full, Crochet forever housework whenever, comes to mind, I need a cleaner, washer and ironer. oh joy!!!

Everyone is jealous of people working from home and don't realise that it is an all day job, yes I sit down in an afternoon but that is still work, designing new patterns and typing up the instructions. I love my job.... and can't wait to see everyone at the show.


My Virus shawl is finished










Daffodil is finished

Daffodil Doll PDF Pattern










New designs being worked on










We have an apple tree in our garden which is grown in a pot it was really laden with large apples this year.


The apples are large and very heavy I don't know how the tree held so many.

We also have some dahlias which we planted a couple of years ago, the yellow ones are like dinner plates, we were sure we bought dwarf ones I will have to move them from where they are in the border to a bigger space.




Louise is calling round today to get some more work done.

We are going to plan some workshops today and get some pricing and organising done.

She also works most of the day crocheting, blogging, tweeting and putting lots of pictures on Instagram and Facebook and looking after two boys and a husband who also works from home.


Phil has not been working full weeks at work, he has at last gone down to 3 days again and we have also been having days out......

Yesterday we were going to go to Scarborough and were going across the moors, the mist came down and we decided to go to Robin Hoods Bay instead, the mist was rolling in there as well. It was very busy, we thought everywhere would be quiet but there were people, cars and vans filling the narrow street.


Ok printer has finished and I have not had breakfast yet.

I have just read through this post and it really shows how my brain is muddled, so sorry for the ramblings.

See you soon

Ali and Louise xxx