Southern Wool Show


Weather report

Lovely start to the day today, it is beginning to be a little cooler on mornings and evenings now so Autumn won’t be long.

Southern Wool Show

Southern Wool Show

What can we say about last weekends Southern Wool Show at Newbury Racecourse.

Wow, Amazing, Great, Fantastic, Tremendous and thoroughly Wonderful

Can you guess Louise and I had a super time….

It really was worth the long journey, almost 6 hours including a couple of stops and the return journey was an early start we set off at 4.45am and arrived home at 10.15am.

Southern Wool Show

I am really tired and can’t seem to function right my brain has stopped working and I can’t stop thinking about the great time we had.

Crochet sheep pattern

Thank you to everyone who came to our stand and talked to us, you were all so lovely and we sold lots as well… including all the sheep patterns we had and the kits for both sizes of Wendy, Wilbur and gang. How I wish I could have packed more.

The pattern is available for download and we have kits as well if you didn’t manage to get one.

Thank you Nick and Co for organising


thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who came to visit the show.

We hope to be able to come again next year.

Please remember if you have any problems with our designs to get in touch and I will try to help.

I came home to very messy bedrooms Phil had emptied most of the things in our wardrobe I seem to be able to pack far too much into a double one. It has nearly filled 2 other bedrooms we do seem to have far too much yarn, as if…… I think that most of you will recognise the addiction…. to yarn.

Right today’s mission is to temporarily put some of it back so that I can stocktake and know what we have left, it will all need to come out again when we have the room decorated in 2 weeks time but I can’t live with this mess..


New wardrobe doors went in yesterday so we can at least hang some clothes up out of the way.

Right some more to go in and then I can stocktake,

Take Care keep on knitting and crocheting,

Ali and Louise xxx