Remake or discard? What would you do?

Hello welcome to our blog, little bit late this week with all the decorating and house sorting we have been doing this week.

Weather Report

Lovely bright sunny morning.

This week

Well not a lot of crochet work completed this week. I have had a busy week….

Made progress with knitting the gnome and been typing up some patterns, really caught up well now with the boring things.

We have been moving clothes to and from the wardrobes as well as trying to do some gardening.

Finally we have the bedroom painted and started putting everything back in place, no bed yet but hope that it will be here soon.

Remake or discard

Louise and I have made a decision to remove all the old style patterns from sale on our site and other platforms and remake them using yarns we use now or they may scrapped altogether.

So there will be lots of changes over the next few months.

First to go will be Jessica which I am going to make again using Cabaret, this will also be a chance to check that the pattern works out ok. When I first started designing I did not have anyone to try the patterns out and made another one myself, the only problem with that is that I remembered what I had done and forgot to make sure the pattern gave enough information.

Jessica Crochet Shawl Pattern - Lovely lac shawl with a detailed lace border.

I wish I had more hours in the day and more days in the week for all the projects I need to work on.

Popcorns, Bobbles and Puffs

For those of you who don’t know a bobble from a puff this is the book to help explain the differences.

A lovely book written by Lindy Zubairy published by Quarto Press called Popcorns, Bobbles and Puffs to crochet.


It has lots of pictures, explanations and patterns to follow and even links to video tutorials.

As well as showing how to use a chart which I find super helpful because it helps you to see what your round should look like.

So if you want to learn new stitches and patterns as well as read charts this is a good starter book.

It is available on Amazon for £9.65

My favourite is the popcorn I used to call it a pineapple but in the book it is a popcorn, this is worked by working 5 trebles in the same stitch and then removing the loop from your hook and picking up the 1st stitch of the 5 trebles, picking up the loop again and pulling through the stitches on your hook.

It is really nice to create some textures to your work.

New yarns in stock

We needed some 4ply yarn for a future project so we decided to stock some Stylecraft Special 4ply. This is a beautiful soft yarn with a great price point.

Stylecraft Special 4ply

Hope you are having a great week,

Ali and Louise x