Butterflies and Flowers


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Weather Report

It is looking warm and sunny this morning.

This weeks progress

The weather has been pretty varied this week, with storms, hot and sticky nights.

I have managed to work on the things I had to prepare for the British Wool Show, printing and packing, kits and patterns. I did some wool winding in the garden and bagging patterns, it is lovely to be able to do some of the work outside.

I have finished knitting the Spring Cleaning Shawl, this has been a lovely pattern to follow. It is easy and it feels so good to use some of the hanks of yarn I have been collecting for some time.

Spring Cleaning Shawl by Stephen West https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spring-cleaning-shawl-2

Louise has also just finished the same pattern…

Spring Cleaning Shawl

Another project I have been doing is a crochet caplet in 4ply, I have had a little mind block for a while, but now I have got a crochet head back on and hope it will be finished soon. I will try and get a picture when it is nearly finished.

We have had lots of butterflies in the garden this year apparently its a phenomenon which happens every 10 years. We have spent quite some time trying to catch a good photo these are mine from the iPhone.

I can’t believe I caught one in flight on this picture. Phil was not happy as he always misses wildlife in photos :-)

I can’t believe I caught one in flight on this picture. Phil was not happy as he always misses wildlife in photos :-)


Our hanging basket and pots have been lovely so far this year but the windy afternoons we have been having have messed them up a bit

Hanging baskets in full bloom
Hanging baskets in full bloom

Hints and Tips

I have not given you any hints or tips for some time so here are a couple to keep you going.

  1. If you tend to get frustrated with tough projects, keep an easy, fun project on hand at all times so you can work on it until you’re ready to face the more difficult one again. Louise often has a kitted sock handy for busy times, it is something she can just pick up and do a few stitches. I have a bag of cotton close to me for face scrubbies to use up when I need something easy to do.

  2. If you are working on a difficult pattern count your stitches and use markers to help keep stitch counts and row counts so I don’t need to count from the beginning I usually work in sets of 10 on a big project and use lots of markers.

If you are near York, the British Wool Show starts on Friday 8th August 10am. It is also open Saturday 10am - 4 pm. We are at stand E3. Pop along and say hello….

British wool show

Hope you are enjoying the summer and getting lots of knitting and crochet work done.

Talk again next week

Ali and louise xx