Wonderful weekend - British Wool Show 2019


Just a quick extra blog update

We had a great Friday and Saturday exhibiting at the British Wool Show.

Phil and I went to set up on Thursday this takes nearly all day packing 2 cars driving to the other side of York and unpacking it all onto the stand.

Then setting up without Louise and her design skills was difficult.

Still had some extra sorting on Friday to finish off before opening.

The stand looked nice and bright with new coloured cloths and different walls on the stand.

Show stand at the British Wool Show

It was great to meet everyone who came to see us and all the chats we had with friends old and new.

Phil came back home early on Saturday and picked up Louise so she could be there for the last day, she had a good spending day.

Louise's early Birthday presents to herself

Louise's early Birthday presents to herself

Crochet sheep pattern and kit

Our sheep were super popular again. The pattern is available here.

After closing at 4pm all had to be trundled in our little trolly back to the cars. All packed and off home again.

This show is not too far for us to get home, so after unpacking one car we had a nice quiet evening.

We hope to see everyone again next year.

Ali and Louise xxx