Heatwave, Holiday and Help


Well here we are starting a new blog.

We have had a week away and lots of work to do.

Weather Report

It looks like we are going to get rain again.

We had a super hot week last week and this week has mostly been a threat of rain, bits of thunder but we have not had too much rain here in the North East this week.

Last week

Last week Phil and I were on holiday with Louise, Peter and the boys at Welburn. We had the hottest week we have ever had there. We were well prepared with our gazebo and a paddling pool to cool down in.

The evenings were hot in our room which is situated in the roof.

We did not let the heat stop us we had another super week with lots of knitting done..

Louise finished her lovely new sock.

Mind the gap knitted socks

I started the week trying to finish off the Wool and the Gang crochet bag and ran out of yarn so that did not get finished, I don’t know if I will want to pull it out again as this was the second time I have worked it up. So it is back into the cupboard with that one.

I could not settle to crochet after that so started the Spring cleaning shawl from Stephen West. I am starting the last panel today, I have really enjoyed knitting this pattern and love the yarns I have used, some of them were from the last shawl I was knitting and gave up on, it was pulled out and the yarns saved for later… later has come and I really love this one..


Show Help

This week has mostly been preparing for the British Wool Show, printing and packing yarns and kits. This morning though the printer has decided to stop printing the patterns the right way round and I have just printed a whole batch with the second page upside down grrrr I don’t know how that has happened. I need to call in the cavalry…… PHIL !!!!!!!!!

Well done he has fixed the problem and the printer is going again.

Kitchener stitch help sheet

I used to do most of the preparation for the show myself but this year I have a helper. Phil has retired and is home and able to help me with the little jobs that take some time.

Phil has had the job of counting the patterns so that I know which ones I need printing. He did not realise how much there is to do getting ready he has always been at work when the bulk of things got done. It is the little things that take the time.

Stylecraft special dk yarn kits


We have had the garden jet washed and now we need to put the pots back and wash everything down, the paths look great but everything else is covered in muck. Right just popped back in from tidying the garden for a short time and printing still going.

There have been a few new patterns for this show and they all need printing.

Right hope everyone is enjoying the summer so sorry about the weather if you have been having the bad storms where you live.

Ali and Louise xxx