Knobbly trees and Poppies

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Weather Report

Lovely start to this morning, so we changed the bed and washing is in , I have done the ironing and ready to start the day

My crochet work this week

I am using up the ends of crochet cotton reels and have made more cable tidies, tooth fairy bags and pots for yarn balls

Crochet yarn bowls, cable tidies and   tooth fairy bags

Crochet yarn bowls, cable tidies and tooth fairy bags


Still busy sorting out and found an envelope full of old magazines.

This super old magazine from the 1880s. It is a bit worse for wear and I don’t really know what to do to make it any better.

I was looking for inspiration but have not really found any, most of the designs are lacet, that is not my favourite technique, but they are amazing.

Vintage crochet magazine

Vintage crochet magazine - vintage adverts

I love the old adverts

I love the old adverts

Some of the pictures they designed then were super and I love the finished pieces.

Vintage crochet magazine

This one is for a chair back what a lot of work

Camisole yoke

Camisole yoke

I bet most of you will not have had to wear one of those.

Of course no nightdress would be complete without a yoke….

Vintage crochet magazine - yokes

Finally an insert I don’t know what this insertion would have been for but it is nice…

Maybe for a pocket decoration or to cover a hole, who knows?

Vintage crochet magazine - crochet patch or packet

Day Out

Phil and I have had a day out to see knobbly trees, beautiful poppies and flower beds. We went to Beningbrough Hall just off the A19 on the way to York.

Knobbly tree photography
Flower photography
Flower photgraphy
Flowers in the garden

Talking of gardens and flowers

We are going out this morning to get some more potting compost for our plants so Phil has something to do for this afternoon while I have my class.

My cacti need repotting and I would like some new pots for them and an amaryllis that needs splitting.

Really must go now I hope that you have enjoyed this blog about the old magazine please let me know if you would like to see more, there are quite a few where I found these.

I also hope there have not been too many pictures this week it has been a good week for taking them.

Keep on crafting

Ali and Louise xxx