New video and clearing out

Weather Report

It has been a very dismal start to this week.

Today it is lovely and warm and sunny.

What I have been up to this week

I am on a mission to get our garage tidied up properly this week and Louise has cleared 9 boxes which were still here from them moving over 7 years ago.

Phil and I have taken some boxes to the charity shop and we have a pile building up to go in a skip very soon we hope….

Then the next job is the loft space above the garage which has everything including a kitchen sink haha…

We seem to have done quite well so far, we can see the floor now.

I just realised we should have taken before and after pictures…… oops…..


New Videos

Louise called round on Tuesday and we did some testing and setting up ideas for more you tube videos.

Phil joined us as well and set up the camera on a tripod to do things properly I am not a technical person at all.

The videos I made some time ago I had the iPhone the wrong way round and made a bit of a mess of things…

So this time I have done another 2 new ones with patterns to use from my pattern book Flower Frenzy…..

You can see the first of these on the extra blog we did this week Free Simple Flower

Free pattern - Simple crochet flower pattern

WIP ( works in progress )

I have nothing in particular on at the moment just pottering about… doing a bit more sewing on the machine making some more bags and cable tidies, I still feel that I am not ready for new project to design, I have not been like this for some time, I am happy just making small things and using up all the bits of cotton I have found in the cupboard. I think I have a clearing out head on and need to use up stuff before I can clear my head as well. Our house is full to overflowing with crafting items, books and yarns and I can’t get anything else in anywhere.

So I am making bags and using up fabrics as well as crocheting little items.

Lots of books I couldn’t bear to part with any of them

Lots of books I couldn’t bear to part with any of them

Lots of yarns

Lots of yarns


Lots and lots of yarns

Lots and lots of yarns

Ok so I have lots to do today the sun is shining and it makes me feel like getting things done.

Have a lovely week everyone

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Many thanks

Ali and Louise xxx