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Good Morning

Welcome to another new weekly blog, the days are flying by far too quickly.

Weather Report

Another bright start and there is a chill in the air.

Spring into Wool Show

Preparations still continuing, printing, bagging and pricing

Scarves to be blocked and patterns to finish. Yarns to be packed and lots still to do. Although preparing for a show takes lots of time I love being at the show, seeing the other stands and meeting lots of new like minded people. Shows are exciting and this one is new to us, Louise is also looking forward to the trip down to Leeds.

Hints and Tips

  • I know it is a silly thing to say but always wash hands before you start to work, it removes any oils which could mark your yarn, especially if you are using delicate yarns.

  • Try to pick up both strands of at the top of the stitch not just the front or back loop when working stitches unless the pattern says to use one or the other.

My WIP progress

I have finished most of my WIPs this week and only need to block and post them.

I still have some typing to do but not a lot…..

So yesterday I decided to use up some of the bits of Ricorumi cotton I have left from the Mandalas and reusable face scrubbies. I am going to make more scrubbies and some face cloth size cloths…

Scrubbies are available ready made or as a free pattern.

Face scrubbies - Free crochet pattern or ready made

Free Pattern

New free pattern is on the free pattern page for a small drawstring bag.

Free bag crochet pattern

Sorry its a short blog today I really do have lots to do :-)

Take care this week

Ali xxx