Relax, crochet is fun

Good morning,

Weather Report

Today is starting out well, it looks very calm, dry and sunny.

Early start on the blog this morning, I want to get it finished and on with a bit more gardening, I have been planting a few seed boxes to keep in the house, lettuce and tomatoes as well as some juniper which I bought as a joke for Phil for Christmas. It was a “grow your own gin kit” for his gin and tonic.

Hints and Tips

  1. Use a different hook size when you need to, if you crochet too tightly use a size bigger hook than your pattern states. If you are very loose, use a smaller hook. Don’t always presume that hook size will always work. 

  2. It is always better to do a tension square so that you get the right size especially when making a garment. 

  3. If you have a few hooks in the same size but a different make, don’t change the makes in the middle of a project they may vary in size. This is very important as the tension may change.

  4. If you have a piece of work that has worked out very stiff and you want it to be softer, you would need to use a larger hook and if it is too soft and floppy use a smaller hook, it really depends on how you want your finished piece of work.


Hooks scissors and needles

Warning obsessive collector

I love to collect crochet hooks and tatting shuttles and buying new scissors.

My first set of hooks were a present for my birthday shortly after I taught myself to crochet, many years ago.

They were a set made by Aero sadly not made any more in the UK. They were metal hooks and were the perfect length for me and had a thumb hold in the right place as well.

Over the years I have tried lots and lots of different ones as well as collecting others just to look at.

A few examples of my crochet hook collection.

A few examples of my crochet hook collection.

The five hooks on the left I can’t use they are just for show, the bamboo one the thumb hold is in the wrong place for me, the acrylic ones squeak and don’t work smoothly the four coloured ones fit just right and work ok, although some of the tips are not as smooth as I would like.

My overall favourites though are the latest ones, made by Tulip with soft handles they have a perfect thumb hold and have perfect length as well as being a super smooth hook.

Crochet hook cases


Crochet hooks

I also like to try different knitting needles, I like bamboo needles and have a new set of Knit Pro Zings, they are very colourful and seem pretty smooth but I don’t like the way they have put the size on the needle it seems to catch slightly on the yarn. I have also tried the wooden Styphomie needles, they are also good but the problem here is the size rubs off as soon as you use them.

So guess what you need if you have these yes a needle gauge. I have a couple of them as well.

Needle gauge

Work in Progress

Still on with the same two pieces of work they have both progressed well this week. On the scarf that Louise designed I have about 30 rows to go and the scarf I am crocheting I have probably about the same.. The only problem with both is that the rows are getting longer each time.

I have managed to finish Fred bear sample this week working him in Stylecraft Batik.

Fred bear - Crochet bear made in Stylecraft Batik

Show update

Louise and I spent some time yesterday going through some of the sample bags ready for the show, I have made so many blankets, toys and bags over the last 10 years it is difficult to decide which to kit and which to just take as patterns. I don’t seem to get it right.

Because we have changed our car and it has a much smaller boot Phil and I went to hire a van so we can take lots more stock. Clear the A1 in a few weeks time mad woman heading to Leeds in a van…

Today where to start again I think that I will count more patterns and check that there are enough of our most popular ones. Fred Bear always seems to run out. I know I will need to print more of him…

I will also be packing some more yarn packs and need to make some more stitch markers. No pressure no wonder I can’t remember anything else my head is spinning in many directions again.

Last weeks free pattern has been very popular we have had a lot of downloads thank you for visiting our site, We hope you enjoy the pattern please let us know if you like the pattern or if you have any problems please email and let us know so that we can help.

How to hold your hook

We had a discussion in class last night about how to hold your hook and how to work the stitches, so many people these days hold their hooks and work as though they are knitting. Back in the time when I learnt there was only one way to hold the hook and manipulate your yarn to get your tension right and that was how I learnt. I had no choice that was how the books said you did. I hold hook like holding a pencil and wrap yarn round other hand for the tension.

Many people ask why they have problems keeping the tension or have pains in their wrists and shoulders it may be that they way they hold the hook and crochet is part of the problem.

Crochet is fun

No matter how you work  as long as you enjoy the process that is what matters.

Also you need to relax and enjoy the journey, when you are learning a new technique some people get very tense, relax, crochet is not stressful it is supposed to be calming, relax your shoulders and enjoy……..

Happy crocheting

Ali xxx