Pictures, shops and more yarn buying

Good morning,

Weather report

Welcome to yet another very windy and wet day today, it is a gloomy and miserable start to the day. I hope the sun will come out later.

Hurrah still windy but the sun has arrived…

This week

I have had a day this week where I have not done anything at all, I have been having headaches and it got to be quite bad so I rested my eyes and spent a day doing nothing. No computer, no knitting and yes no crochet…… Gosh it took some doing, my fingers were itching to do something. It worked though and I feel much better now.


I am in the process of designing another shawl scarf for Homefarm Wensleydales and testing Louise’s knitting pattern, not a lot of progress with either this week.

Big job on Sunday

My cupboard of doom


It was getting worse and worse so I pulled out everything and tried yes really tried to clear out the mess…..


I ended up with removing 6 large bags full of folded project bags I don’t know if you are like me and can’t resist buying a new bag for a new project when you see one. I now know my bad habits for buying are bags and yarns. Oh dear what a mess.

Unfortunately now it is tidy I can’t find anything, it all had a place before and now it is moved I don’t know where things are…… haha

I have misplaced 2 hooks from my best sets and still have not found them, they have disappeared probably never to be seen again.

If only it could stay like this!!!

If only it could stay like this!!!


Morning trip out

Phil, Louise and I went to Northallerton this week to the Joe Cornish Studio to see a photography exhibition. It was very good and we loved the unusual photographs on display, we had lunch and then came home.

Beautiful sunny and cold windy day

Beautiful sunny and cold windy day

We also went to a lovely yarn shop where I couldn’t resist buying some yarn, lots of cliches I could use here “ Coals to Newcastle “ or “ Busman’s Holiday “ come to mind straight away.

The Natural Knitter Wool Shop just off the High Street on the opposite side of the road from M and S food hall.

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 12.27.47.png


This popular free flower pattern is now available on our website.

Well time to make a move we are going out this morning to pick up a new car. We are downsizing the cars this year so it is smaller than the last car I don’t know how we will manage to go to the shows, it may need to be time to hire a van….

Super happy days

Ali xxx