Hot Weather, Sandsend and misty sunset



Weather Report

It has been a beautiful week, we sat outside and had our lunch one day, and got very hot on a walk.


Hints and Tips

  1. Always check where your pattern was made so that you don’t work the wrong stitches. USA terminology is different to UK terminology.

  2. When working on toys or amigurumi use a marker in the first stitch of the round to show where the beginning of the round is.

  3. Always check your stitch count if it is given on difficult rows.

    Just a few quick ones this week

Work in progress

This week has been fairly productive, I have made a scarf and nearly finished a bag. I have used up 2 balls of the Caron cakes that I was trying to sell on Ebay.

This is just so that I can wait for some new yarn to arrive from Jayne at Home Farm Wensleydales, I am going to design a new scarf for her.


Pattern for scarf available here - £1.50

Pattern for small project bag available here - £2.50

This weeks days out

On Sunday night Phil wanted to take a sunset picture near Houghton le Spring of some trees…..

Great crochet day for me.


We went out this week to Dalby Forest and had two lovely walks, one around a small lake which was very good with nice paths, you know how much I like proper paths.

The other was a lovely walk along a small stream no paths unfortunately, but it was lovely, we only saw two more people there, it was so quiet and peaceful, the main car park was very busy and we thought that it was going to be noisy in the forest, it is so big we only saw a few people further on in another car park. The weather was so good I had to take 2 layers of my coats off. Freaky weather for February, we have had colder days in June…….




We then drove on through Scarborough which was very busy, so we didn’t stop and finally finished up at Sandsend a beautiful end to the day, we went to a little cafe by the carpark and had drinks and cake mmmmm

Phil went out to take pictures of the sunset while I did some crocheting in the car, watching the sea.

It was a very strange misty end to the day.

It was a very strange misty end to the day.

In the shop

I hope you have all had a super week and have another this week.

Ali xx