Triffid plant, knitting fail and bags again


Weather Report

Another fantastic week of weather this week, Phil has managed to clear some of the dead leaves and plants from the garden.

Today is looking as though it may be ok.

Trip out

We didn’t have any plans this week.

Plant progress


This triffid like plant seems to be taking over it grows so much in a week

Work in progress

Sock Fail

Frogged !!!!!

I was not happy with the sock so pulled it out.


Higgledy Piggledy Blanket 2 is finished. If you have not seen the first blanket you can see it here



More bags sewn

Oh and I made up 2 patterns for project bags.



I cleaned all the downstairs windows on Tuesday.

Still doing my 10 min clear out 2 drawers this week and cleared all of the tat that you save from Christmas crackers and kinder eggs there were lots and lots.

And now to sort out all the old recipes.  

Friday last week

I made lots of stitch markers to go in the kit bags.


 I helped my friend to sew up her owl, it has been in and out at least 3 times and she was going to give up. I am hoping this is ok when it gets stuffed. 


Crochet Socks 

I started a crochet sock and pulled it out I don't think crochet looks right for socks

Well I didn’t think I had done much this week but when I start writing there are always quite a few different things, I don’t like working on only one project I like to be able to chop and change, variety is the spice of life so they say !!!

Hints and Tips

Tip 1

When working on a project with lots of ends

Always darn in the ends as you go along don't save them all until the end you will find that a chore.

Tip 2

I like to use the yarn from the centre of the ball, it stops it rolling all over the floor. 

Tip 3

Turning chains at the beginning of a row or round you need to make a turning chain to give you the height for the stitch you are going to work next. 

Uk Terminology

1ch. = dc.  - double crochet

2ch. = htr.  - half treble

2ch. or 3ch. this depends on what I am making =tr. - treble

sometimes 3ch. makes too big a hole at the side of the work and I want it to be neater I will use 2ch. instead

3 or 4ch. = dbtr. - double treble

End of this weeks hints and tips.

I do hope you like reading our blogs

Louise and I would love to have you share our blog and post a comment if you like something.

It is lovely to know there is someone out there reading our adventures and following us.


Happy crocheting and knitting

Ali x