Show preparation and sewing bags

Hello and welcome to Thursday again,

Happy Valentines Day


Pattern available here

Weather report

Nice bright sunny start to the morning this morning. It looks like Spring is starting early this year in our garden


Work in Progress

Higgledy Piggledy  

Another square finished ready for its border and I have started the last piece. Although I have frogged it twice and changed my mind on the pattern. 



Only a little progress on the sock this week.

Sewing more bags

Loving the change to my routine by adding some sewing on the machine again.


A one ball project bag 


Day out

Phil and I went out for a photography trip on Monday for just the afternoon this week.

Phil had a very muddy walk to a waterfall.

We drove along a road called Ridge Lane near Scaling Dam, it was quite a dramatic road very narrow in places and it was a high ridge with steep drops on both sides, and with lots of trees, finally getting back to a main road near Staithes.  

The sea at Staithes was very rough and the waves were fierce. There had been 2 American surfers out in the sea, I don’t know how they managed to keep on their boards. They had come especially to surf here after reading that the tides were going to high and rough in Staithes. It was quite dramatic and I was a bit unsure of walking along the harbour wall, it wasn’t coming over, but the sea was hitting it with force.


Spring into wool

Shows take a lot of preparation and Spring into Wool is in April so Louise and I have started our kit packing for the show this week and have packed up the first kits, and surprise, surprise we ordered more labels and more bags and guess what more yarns, oops !!! we don’t have room for anymore. Let’s hope that the things we take are what people would like to buy.

It is really hard to make up our minds which of our designs we would like to do, we have over 100 patterns to choose from in my collections.

Some are old ones which would need to be remade in new yarns and to check if I have made any mistakes in typing up the pattern, I did not have anyone to check them for me when I started designing and typing them up, some have even been transferred from windows computers and added to and I had altered the layouts, many with old logos as well, so lots of jobs to be done.


I do wish I could convince Phil that he could type up the patterns for me unfortunately he wouldn’t understand what he was typing up and know when something else needed adding to the instructions or if I had been having a mad moment and missed a row of instructions out.

Oh well happy very busy days and lots to do today before my class starts at 1.00pm

Keep on crocheting and knitting

Ali xxx