Frosty mornings and cloudy weather

Good Morning

Weather report

Yet another cold and frosty morning but not as bright as yesterday.


Yesterday was very frosty as well Louise, Phil and I went outside to take pictures of her Tatty Blanket. It is a super blanket for using up your scraps of 4ply and double knitting yarns.


Declutter progress

Not too much done this week I cleared some of the shelves in the computer room to give Phil more photography space.


His 2 shelves look great, mine, however are now all squished together I must have another go to sort them out.


Something tells me I have lots more stuff than he does or he really didn’t need 2 shelves…….


I finished the 2 Trauma Teddies this week and I am attempting to make a pattern for a crochet one, it would be much quicker for me to make a crochet one. I will need to find out if they will accept crochet versions. I will keep you posted about that when I find out.


The new version of Higgledy Piggledy is making steady progress I am not really enjoying the colours but that was my challenge to use up 16 colours from the spare yarn bag. After Louise had picked her favourites there were not many pretty ones left.


I have been making more Stitch Markers and they will be in the shop very soon


Right I think that was all I have to say this week

Keep warm and cosy use the blankets you have stored in your cupboards I know we all hoard some of our makes, or start making a blanket to over winter to use as a cover as you work.

Talk again soon