Exploring our local area and crochet work


Weather report

Cold and frosty start again this morning, although the sun is bright and we have blue sky.


My works in progress.

This week has been a very productive week for me.


I have knitted a few rows on my scarf from The Wool Shop Leeds.

New Higgledy Piggledy design is progressing I now have 3 panels worked and the borders added I am still finding the colours hard to work with and hope it will look ok when they are all put together.


 Trauma Teddies

I have made 7 bags for trauma teddies on the sewing machine this week and really enjoyed using the machine again, it has been a while since I had time to use it, I have set it up on the landing so that Phil can get into the computer room while I am sewing. 


I am planning to make some simple project bags while it is out to use up some more material I found in the loft. 

I have also designed a pattern for a crochet trauma teddy if anyone would like to try please message me and I will send it to you once it has been checked and tested. 


Day out Exploration of our local areas

Phil and I have not had a full day out this week I wore him out giving him some jobs to do, Just a little housework……… easy he used to say!!!!!

I don’t think he will say that again.

I said we should explore our local areas more.

So we had just a short drive to the River Tees near the A19.

We only popped out for an hour which led to about 2 hours because we found the Portrack marsh area just near the Barrage in Stockton and he took his camera, oh dear big mistake.. he found trees and interesting items to take pictures….. and we also walked to the underneath the flyover on the A19.

Bit rough at this bit

Bit rough at this bit

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we enjoyed the fresh air, I can’t believe I said that, it used to be all chemical works in the Teesside area and now they are all closed down or closing down or completely disappeared.

The countryside is taking back the land, this poor little tree was growing through the derelict road.


Ok so now on to some more typing up of patterns I think,

I wish it would magically happen when I crocheted that would be great, I have tried dictating it into the computer but it won’t understand my Northern Accent, or all the technical terms used in crochet. ch’s and tr’s to name a couple.

Oh well I better say goodbye for now and get on with work

Keep warm and happy

Ali xxx