Christmas and Projects

Good morning

The Weather report

Gloomy start again today. Just the right sort of day to sort out another cupboard in the kitchen.

Louise and I are trying to declutter our houses and following a plan to work on a different drawer or cupboard every day for about 15 mins.  

I have cleared the small cupboard in the lounge and managed to find a home there for my new knitting needles which were Christmas presents. Made space in a box for works in progress waiting to be finished. I am afraid I love starting new projects and then when I need to design a new item they are shelved for a later date. So I have a cupboard under the stairs to store the rest of them……

It is a very large cupboard of doom… and it really needs sorting…


I hope that you have all had a Merry Christmas and we both wish you all the best for the New Year

We have had a quiet time over Christmas and I have managed to finish 2 knitting projects which were presents for my birthday.

Photography Trip

Our Christmas break started with a visit to Garry Gough’s studio near Halifax for an evening with Brendan Van Son. They are photographers who do video blogs and Phil and I watch them both and a few more…..

Brendan is a photographer who has travelled the world with his girlfriend, they seem to live a nomadic life with no permanent home.

I have never heard anyone who can speak for so long without stopping, Brendan did 45 mins before a break and another 45 mins after, it was amazing.

Well done to both photographers for arranging such an entertaining evening.


That was the Tuesday before Christmas and then my birthday was on the Saturday and then we spent Christmas Eve  and Christmas day with our family.

Finishing my hat and bag

Here is the hat in progress and after being washed and finished.


 And the stages of making the bag.


This is after being washed.

I have decided not to wash it again because I like the large size, it will make a good project bag. I have loved making this as it was thick yarn and worked on large needles. Super quick to make….

Louise and I both decided to pull out the mystery Kal we started some time ago and it has given me space in my head to get on with other things. I feel that a burden has been lifted from me by frogging something that I was not really enjoying and also had lots more rows to knit for it to be finished. It is not wrong to frog as long as you have another idea in mind to use up the yarn.


Next Project I hope to finish

I have been making a jacket using oddments and lots of different stitches, it is nearly finished just the sleeves to go, so this week it is my priority to finish it completely. Weird I know, I guess I won’t ever use it but you never know......... haha. 

Shop News

Don’t forget we have Stylecraft Special Dk reduced to £1.60 a ball this month while stocks last.

We are also starting to add yarn packs back into stock as well.


Now bookkeeping awaits I have got way behind and must catch up, it is a job that always gets put to the back of the list of things to do. I have got way behind because of changing the website

With all the stock needing to be added again it has taken some time but we do seem to be getting there.

Louise has had to learn a whole new set up and how this site works, fingers crossed it really seems to be looking great and working ok as well…

We would love to hear from you and see pictures of any of our patterns that you have made.

Thank you for following us and we hope you have a good year.

Ali and Louise xx