Finished project and new project

Good morning

Where are the days going I can’t believe another week has flown by….

I don’t know if it is just me but I seem to get up in the morning and do a few jobs only to find it is time to go to bed again..

Weather report

Dark and gloomy start again this morning, we have had some wonderful sunsets and gloomy starts to our days lately.

Jobs Today

Well where do I start, the bins and recycling all sorted and out ready for collection, shredded papers, washing in, ironing done, dishwasher on and now ready to start.

The only trouble is I can’t remember what Louise said I had to do today oops..

Blog Trouble

I started this blog yesterday to get a head start on todays list of things to do only to loose it all when a picture would not load so here I go again. grrrr!!!!!*****

Doll Yuma

I managed to finish the Doll Yuma pattern that I bought from CAROcreated I loved making her although it is quite work intensive…


I have worked her in Ricorumi yarn which is a double knitting cotton and it was quite hard on my fingers using a 2.50mm hook.

She is very solid though and stands on her own when I get the balance right.

Workshops and classes

My classes and workshops started again this week after the holiday break and I have had a long time off so last night was pretty busy, catching up with everyone.

Debbie is working on my Sorrento blanket and I love her choice of colours.


I was very honoured to receive a pair of beautifully knitted gloves for Christmas from Joyce I wore them on Tuesday they kept my hands toasty warm…

Phil and I went to Fountains Abbey, it was lovely although we were disappointed that the restaurant was closed for refurbishment. Took a picture on a fallen tree, they look good don’t they?

Gloves knitted using  Opal Sport

Gloves knitted using Opal Sport

Website and Blog

We are not very busy at the moment the shop sales seem to have come to a stop and we don’t think that many people are reading our blog or finding the website, please could you comment and like if you are getting to read it so that we can see if it reaching anyone at all, many thanks.

I know that we have taken some time getting the new website up and running so we would like to check that you are reading the blog and that the website is working ok. Please let us know if you are having any problems.

New Design Project

Louise and I have selected 16 colours each from our Stylecraft Stash and we are both going to make a design using them all. I am going to crochet mine and Louise is going to knit and crochet hers.

Here are some of my selection totally not my colours at all. Reds, oranges and grrrrreeeen shudder……

We shall see if I change my mind after I have started..


We will both keep you updated on our progress, although she has also given me a pattern of hers to test before we publish it, so that will slow me down a for while.


Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner is asking for trauma Teddies so if anyone is interested in knitting some please get in touch and I will email a pattern, my neighbour is needing them for the middle of February if there is anyone out there who needs a project…. Thank you.

Right 9.40 must get on, what to start with next finish typing up a pattern I think, well at least do a couple of rows of instructions.


Ali xxx